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Greg's hut Association

Greg's hut
What is Greg's Hut Association?

Greg's Hut Association is an organisation which, in collaboration with the Mountain Bothies Association, helps to maintain Greg's Hut on Cross Fell as a valuable - and on occasion, life-saving - shelter for the many users of the fells and the Pennine Way. It is the highest bothy in England and, arguably, in the British Isles, sitting on the 700metre contour line.

The Hut is used not only by walkers but by local shepherds and Penrith Mountain Rescue. It is open all year round. Usually, over 600 visitors are recorded annually in the Visitors Book from this country and all over the world.

The Association was founded in memory of John Gregory, who was killed in a climbing accident in the Alps in 1968. A group of his friends adopted the Hut, an old lead-mining building, renovated it and still go up the hill to work on it , despite the fact that many of them are now well past retirement age and the majority live in the West Midlands! There are members living locally to the Hut as well, of course.

Greg's Hut Association members do repainting, cleaning and minor repairs, although they also join Mountain Bothies Association working parties for more major tasks. They ensure that fuel is bought and brought up to the Hut since there is no natural supply close by. We hope that visitors to the Hut will help us to keep it clean and tidy and perhaps bring some fuel for the stove.

The Association holds an Annual General Meeting and Dinner every September somewhere in the Alston area, preceded by a working party which makes sure that the Hut is ship-shape before winter sets in.

Donations are always welcome in our collecting boxes. We are a small organisation with no outside funding other than subscriptions and donations.

If you would like to join our Association, you would be most welcome, especially if you use the Hut and appreciate why it is there. We don't mind where you live, how old or young you are or whether or not you know one end of a paintbrush from the other!

Please visit our new (upcoming)website for details