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Following on from the previous parish plan 2004-2009 the intention of the revised plan 2013-2017 is to build on its success and share the refreshed vision of the community with various stakeholders that has been formed following a series of consultation exercises during 2012 [click to see Results]. We sincerely hope you will want to get involved in some way, no matter how seemingly small, to help to further improve our stunningly beautiful parish. The steering group has set out to agree realistic actions and targets against which local people can review progress and decide whether things have improved over time. If you feel we’ve missed something or misunderstood or just want to get involved in a discussion about the plan please let us know. We are simply a group of local people like yourselves seeking to work together to address the issues raised.

One of the many issues raised was affordable housing particularly in Culgaith. One local initiative at Crosby Ravensworth has shown how a local community has developed its own scheme for local housing more information can be found at

The Community Action Plan is not a one-off, and will be reviewed and developed over time. It will ultimately be deemed successful only if it captures the imagination of the people it attempts to serve - the local community – and inspires them to get involved as volunteers. So please consider how you could possibly contribute to your area and you might even have some fun along the way!

Andy King
Chair Steering Group
Culgaith Parish Community Led Plan
January 2013


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